Discover West Lothian's

Industrial Heritage

West Lothian’s wild landscape and rugged industrial past is proudly on show and available for all to discover.

Explore our vibrant Industrial History

Once a booming hub of the oil industry, the century-old area has a rough and dangerous past. But it also has a hopeful and unique loveliness to it.  Explore the two faces of West Lothian in this fascinating tour.

 Great Days Out

From a two hour walk along a 200-year-old wonder, to discovering the heart of Scotland's Industrial past, West Lothian has a wealth of history and stories to tell. 

Walk The Shale Trail

The Shale Trail takes you on a journey. A journey through history, walking in the footsteps of the very miners who were at the heart of the booming oil industry in West Lothian, an industry that would go on to change the world and give rise to new business ideas, technological advancements, and innovation that would go on to change the World. 

Explore The Union Canal

This 200-year-old wonder was once the heartbeat of the city, bringing in coal that powered everything from the lights to the stoves. Today, it’s every bit as magnificent as it used to be, just with a slightly different job—leading adventurers down an enjoyable and educational path, showcasing our Industrial past, and being a haven for amazing wildlife.

Getting to West Lothian

West Lothian is just 15 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh. With frequent public transport and numerous motorway connections from across Scotland, you'll be here in no time. Check out our 'Getting here' page for full details.